HP 630, 15.6 inch Specification, Price, Review

HP 630, 15.6 inch review

HP 630, 15.6 inch Review

HP 630, 15.6-inch specifications, prices and review. The Enterprise Edition HP Pavilion 3150m dm1z party is so new HP notebook HP Pavilion 630 G6 with some changes due to different target groups. Materials and lines, as they have in common, you can also enjoy the beautiful style of CV 630 was one of the family of entry-level consumer notebook, offers a simple design, made of soft lines and hard surfaces, with some aesthetic detail.

The body makes use of plastic and feels very solid and fun. Of course, vanish in comparison with the consumer version of an HP Pavilion G6 with different colors, the uniform more sober gray, combined with details of blacks, such as displaying an image of a keyboard or the border, revolves around the circumference of the laptop. We found 15.6 LED backlit display with a 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and the end of brilliance (opaque), typical for notebooks for professional use, so that the colors of readability.

The change is most hardware and software platform, in particular the needs of both types of Office / Home Office Small. As for the CPU, dual core processors, Intel Core 2.1 GHz Integrated i3 2310 m, but also in core P6200 2.13 GHz Pentium and Core 2 Duo T6670 2.2 GHz Arrandale place before the Penryn core.

HP 630, 15.6 inch Specification, Price, Review

They disappear in a dedicated graphics card Radeon HD 6000 AMD Pavilion G6 equipment. In its place was used for the processors, integrated graphics models listed above, or Intel GMA 4500M HD 3000 and found. The limited processing power and flexibility in the application, but only if it is placed in the context of work and not the media, they are intended. In any case, Intel GMA integrated graphics subsystem, i3 able to play streaming HD video, high definition alone.

In addition, the report the amount of RAM DDR3 2 GB to 8, with frequencies 800, 1066 and 1333 MHz, depending on the CPU. Hard disk with a capacity of 320 and 500 GB 5400 rpm, or, if you have a faster hard disk at 7200 rpm, 250 GB decide for yourself. Selection of the operating system is packed with various versions of Microsoft Windows 7, or, alternatively, SUSE Linux or FreeDOS. Farm Ion 6-cell 47 Wh and measuring 376 x 630 x 31.8 ~ 35.8 HP 247 mm, weighs 2.5 kilograms and is the fifth U.S. market may be at the official price of $ 439.